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When you go to a new restaurant, you like to:


If you could afford to, you would:


At dinnertime, you’ll often find yourself:


If you don’t have the time to cook, you usually:


When you open your refrigerator, you see:


The workout routine that makes the most sense to you might be:


The last time you blew off your workout, you were probably:


You would rather eat nails than:


On the other hand, you might not mind:


Your best reason for getting fit is to:

Your Right Fit ID is LEADER.

Also known as: The Queen, The Big Chief, The HBIC, The Boss.

Leaders are like Nancy, my take-charge client. Nancy is direct and fast-paced. She sees the big picture and makes fast decisions. Nancy can negotiate a million-dollar deal without breaking a sweat, but OMG if she has to balance her checkbook…

You want immediate results, and you don’t want to fool around with too much prepping, shopping, or calorie counting. If you could, you’d hire a personal chef, get a personal trainer, and build a gym just so you could get fitness over with as quickly as possible.

If you are a Leader, you are:

  • Immediate and decisive. You lead the meeting and can pick one great idea from ten losers.
  • Always in front. You don’t stand in line, you don’t take orders. You were the first to sign up for TSA’s PreCheck at the airport.
  • Risk-taking. Nothing delights you more than someone saying, “You can’t do that,” and proving them wrong.
  • Delegating. If you were a chef, you couldn’t remember the last time you personally chopped an onion.
  • One-of-a-kind. You follow your own star. No one’s going to put Lady Gaga in a corporate pantsuit.
  • Willing to act. People want you sitting in the airplane exit row.

What gets in your way:

  • Impatience. How much longer do you have to wait in this line?
  • Lack of trust. Being a theoretical chef, you told that onion-chopper the right way to chop, and you watch him like a hawk.
  • Looking before you leap. Yes, your spouse really will care if you buy that new Audi!
  • Highlighting what’s wrong, not what’s right. There’s a reason subordinates quake around you! Not everything is a problem waiting for you to solve it. Look for the good!

For you, a food and fitness plan might include:

  • Simple, easy food plans
  • Flexible, portable meals (the drive-thru is the Leader’s Waterloo!)
  • One-on-one competitive sports, like running and racquetball
  • Adrenaline-rush workouts, like sprinting or singles tennis

And it would definitely not include:

  • Complicated recipes and kitchen prep
  • Lengthy discussions about fitness details
  • Boot camp trainers who get in your face
  • Group classes

If you hand a Leader a generic food and fitness plan, she will:

  • Hand it to her assistant.

Pop Culture Leaders: Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, Rizzo in Grease, Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, James Bond, Rocky Balboa, Madonna.

Great diet matches for Leaders include: Mediterranean, Paleo, Biggest Loser Diet, or the Flex-itarian Diet, all of which offer plenty of options and simple plates.

Your Right Fit ID is SOCIALIZER.

Also known as: The Cheerleader, The Optimist, The BFF, The Flirt, Miss Congeniality.

You want to work out in social settings and talk, talk, talk about diet, food, and what’s working and what isn’t. If it were up to you, every meal would be celebrated on Instagram and every workout would end with a wine-and-cheese mixer.

Socializers shape their environment with pretty persuasion. Oprah Winfrey is a terrific example: she’s warm, open, expressive; she’s an instant pal. If you start feeling great when someone walks in the room, that’s a Socializer shedding pixie dust over you.

If you’re a Socializer, you are:

  • Persuasive. You nod when you listen, look everyone in the eye, and get people to perk up their ears when you’ve got an idea.
  • Charming. You’re the center of the group picture, the one everyone invites to the party.
  • Spontaneous. You throw a last-minute dinner party, the whole neighborhood shows up, andyou’re determined to make it fun for all.
  • Optimistic. You’re the Unsinkable Molly Brown, singing on the lifeboat of the Titanic.
  • Empathetic. Your hugs are famous.

What gets in your way:

  • Disorganization. Because you can’t say no, you need a to-do list for your to-do list.
  • Allergic reaction to detail. Couldn’t someone else please put together those reports?
  • Quest for eternal youth. You’re the one still flirting with the young babes or boys after 20 years of marriage.
  • Impulsiveness. Do you really need that pair of Ferragamo boots?
  • Lack of follow-through. Something more interesting is always coming down the pike…

For you, a food and fitness plan might include:

  • Some type of group support to share eating plans and results.
  • Fun workouts, such as dance; or social team sports, such as volleyball or softball.
  • A cooking club or recipe swap.

And it would definitely not include:

  • Solo sporting ventures, like lap swimming or track YouTube workouts (unless you’re the one filming them!)
  • Detailed calorie counting and food weighing.

If you hand a Socializer a generic food and fitness plan, she will:

  • Enthuse like crazy, swear it’s the best, and forget about it in three weeks.

Pop Culture Socializers: Oprah, Tony Robbins, Linda Belcher in Bob’s Burgers, Ellen Degeneres, Dolly Parton, Jack in Will and Grace.

Great diet matches for you include: Weight Watchers, The Wild Diet, The Spark Solution Diet, or Jenny Craig. All of which offer plenty of support, interaction, and community.

Your Right Fit ID is SUPPORTER.

Also known as: The Soccer Mom, The Community Pillar, The Backbone, The Diplomat.

You’re all about family time and obligations, and you probably feel guilty even for scheduling workout time! You’ll have to be convinced that fitness is worth your time and effort.

Supporters are quintessential team players. They’re calm and centered, the human “pause” button in a heated meeting. Any marriage counselor worth their money is going to have some major Supporter in her.

If you’re a Supporter, you are:

  • Accepting and tolerant. The homeless guy gets as much respect from you as the mayor.
  • Inclusive. You make sure the quiet student at the back of the room gets to say something.
  • Other-centered. The whole family knows if you’re going to be late for dinner, and you offer to pick up Chinese if it’s easier.
  • Diplomatic. You’re the flight attendant keeping the cabin calm.
  • A creature of habit. The barista has your half-caf skim latte ready before you’re at the counter.

What gets in your way:

  • Same-old, same-old. You’ve worn ruts in the road between your house and your favorite restaurant.
  • Putting yourself last. Your “me” time is a hot shower.
  • A why-change attitude. You’ve lived with the broken stove for six months because what if someone tries to fix it but makes it worse?

So for you, a food and fitness plan might include:

  • Accountability. No wacka-doodie workouts. You want something with a proven track record.
  • Convenience. Drive across town to break a sweat? Please. You have a life!
  • Familiarity. You don’t care about that skinny gal in People magazine. Youwant to know how your hairdresser got back into her high school jeans.
  • Numbers. You want equipment that tracks your progress and calories. When you hit 30 minutes or 300 calories, ding! You’re outta there!
  • A firm schedule! If it can’t happen at the same time every day, it’s probably not going to happen.

And it would definitely not include:

  • Anything trendy or kooky-sounding.
  • Foods and supplements that come only from certain stores or websites.
  • Workouts that require special equipment or too much time.

If you hand a Supporter a generic food and fitness plan, she will:

  • Pretend to consider it, but really, why rock the boat?

Pop Culture Supporters: Charlotte in Sex and the City, Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz, Rachel in Friends, Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch

Great diet matches for you include: Mayo Clinic, Volumetrics, Nutrisystem, and the Zone diet, all of which are all moderate and measured.

Your Right Fit ID is PLANNER.

Also known as: The Scientist, The Perfectionist, The Thinker, The Realist.

You’re a label reader, a calorie counter, a data cruncher. You know— or you plan to know— what glucose does to blood sugar and how gluten is processed in the colon.

Yvonne, an engineer friend of mine, is the prototypical Planner. She’s soft-spoken, reserved, analytical, and precise. If a Leader decides to go skydiving, she better hope that a Planner packed the parachute!

If you’re a Planner, you are:

  • Thorough. Consumer Reports is your favorite magazine.
  • Logical. As a toddler, you preferred I am a Bunny to Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Accurate and hard-working. You make sure you produce at your absolute best, and you expect the same from others.
  • Curious. Just how does the mono version of “Let It Be” compare to the original Phil Spector production?
  • A lover of detail. You’re the piano tuner, the watchmaker, the root canal specialist.

What gets in your way:

  • Perfectionism. It can take a looooong time to get to your “absolute best.” Most times, “done” is better than “perfect”!
  • Indecisiveness. Your stove stays broken because you can’t figure out which handyman will do the best job.
  • Opacity. Nobody knows what you’re thinking! Caution and restraint are your operating methods.

For your logical, analytical personality, the right food and fitness plan would include:

  • Anything with well-researched and proven methodologies. If there’s science behind it, you won’t mind combining certain foods or cooking in precise methods.
  • Equipment that provides benchmarks and feedback.
  • Journaling to track your progress.
  • Slow-paced workouts that include skill-building and precision, such as martial arts, lap swimming, or pilates.

And it would definitely not include:

  • Trendy diets or workout groups.
  • Zumba classes, dance, aerobics, and other “just have fun” workouts.
  • Fast-paced trainers who push for action.

If you hand a Planner a generic food and fitness plan, she will:

  • Check your credentials and conduct her own research to see if it make sense.

Pop Culture Planners: Miranda in Sex and the City, Monica in Friends, Jerry Seinfield, Katie Couric, Larry David.

Great diet matches for you include: The Dash Diet, The Whole 30, TLC, and The Macrobiotic Diet, all of which include plenty of logic, science, and realistic approaches to weight loss.



Keep in mind that this is just your entry point to your personal Right Fit Formula. Granted, if you love the idea of checking out a trendy diet, go for it! But if you want to really dial into a customized plan that you can follow for life, stick around. The book will give you everything you need.

Meanwhile, I bet you’re relieved to know a little something about why your past yo-yo cycles didn’t work out! You can forgive yourself, Planner types, for never joining the company softball team. It’s okay, Supporter friends, that you gave up on Jenny Craig. Those programs are complete mismatches for your personality. And you Leaders: stop kicking yourself for “failing” Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. It’s okay that you’re not into group fitness and that you prefer to choose your own food! (That’s why I became a coach—as a Leader, I’m great at knowing what others can do, and guiding them on how to do it!)

Knowing your personality is the first step to matching yourself to your optimal plan for losing weight and getting fit. From here, you can blaze a path to success that’s as unique and resilient as you are.

The best time to try something new is at the peak of excitement. If you’re like me, the clarity you now have is a nice little turbo thrust to keep going. Stay with me, and you’ll end your journey with a customized weight loss plan. Diet freedom is only steps away!

For your 100% customized food and fitness formula, along with meditations, and so much more, order the book below!


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