your personality + fave foods + lifestyle =
the only weight loss plan for you

the right fit formula

The first of it’s kind! This book is a for weight loss and healthy living. Uniquely using your personality type, your preferences and your daily life to find the perfect nutrition and exercise plan for you!


Your Personality + Fave Foods + Lifestyle =
The Only Weight Loss Plan for You (Hardcover)

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Success is a given
when your personality aligns with your efforts

Find your match

Your fitness and food plans are A LOT like the dating world.
Some of us are looking for something totally casual: Others need a deep-seated, long-term
commitment: Some of us need to make our own rules and follow our own menu plan.

Take the personality quiz to find your food & fitness formula.


For decades, people have chosen diets based on what worked for someone else—
some celebrity they admire, a coworker, or friend.


Diet and fitness expert Christine Lusita has been there. As she points out, “All my life I’d been hearing about workouts and diets that were supposed to be good for me. But each time I ‘failed,’ I felt as if I was the problem. I knew something had to change, and it wasn’t about finding the next gimmick. It was about finding what worked for me.”

In this highly-relatable and easy-to-follow guide, Christine shows you how to achieve YOUR version of personal success. Having battled for years with endless dieting, Christine has created a unique, individualize weight-loss transformation system for people exactly like you—who have no time, tons of stress and a constant battle with the mirror and the scale. You’ll learn to:

  • Pinpoint exactly what fitness and food plan works for you
  • Have fun (really!) with your workout routine
  • Get rid of toxic people, problems and other energy-sucks
  • Find guilt-free “me” time
  • Kick your inner critic to the curb
  • Calm your kind of crazy–without the milkshakes!
  • Love who you are, what you are, and where you are
  • Create a lifestyle that empowers you instead of defeats you

Forget any ideas you’ve had about how you’re “supposed” to lose weight. The Right Fit Formula shows you how to fuel your aspirations and reach your goals that don’t involve landing on some magic number on the scale. With personality-driven recipes, food plans, and workouts, you learn to live your best, fittest, and healthiest life, not someone else’s idea of perfection.

Let Christine show you how easy it is to live your life, and lose weight, too!

Finally, I understand why every other fitness routine I’ve tried, has failed! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to succeed in their journey to better health. As a busy mom and TV personality, this book gave me the guidance in choosing the “right fit” for me, guilt-free, and most importantly, with encouraging results!

kristin smith

FOX TV Anchor

She knows her stuff. Christine has brought such infectious passion to every lifestyle segment we've done. The Right Fit Formula is her obvious next step toward giving dieters what they've never had before; an approach to weight loss that hinges on their individuality; something every dieter needs to be successful.


KTLA TV Anchor

Christine has done the impossible! The Right Fit Formula is a diet / nutrition / fitness book that is personalized, informative, witty, insightful, and practical. Her use of behavioral science to understand and direct dietary and lifestyle change is truly revolutionary.

David Schechter

MD and Top Doctors "Ten Years" Award for Sports Medicine;
author of Think Away Your Pain &The MindBody Workbook

Christine Lusita is a dynamic, knowledgeable and resourceful wellness expert whose practical approach to health and fitness makes me feel comfortable referring my patients to her

Robert Huizenga

MD, Internist and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA;
author of Where Did All the Fat Go? The WOW! Prescription to Reach Your Ideal Weight—and Stay There!

Christine Lusita is much more than a fitness coach. She has devoted many years to her own personal growth and the cultivation of a deep mindfulness practice. She exudes insight and compassion. I have no doubt this book will be an extraordinary guide to both inner and outer work for anyone working with food issues of any kind.

Diana Winston

Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
and author of Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness