Staying grounded in a world of uncertainty

by Christine Lusita | | Uncategorized

In a world of reflection and uncertainty, here are a few things that are certain to keep you calm, connected and moving forward…

1. SHAPE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Fill your “working”  space with things that simply bring you joy. Flowers, pictures of family, nostalgic items or a card you’ve held on to…Anything that triggers a smile.

2. TUNE INTO YOUR SENSES. Reconnecting positively to our hearts can be done by shifting to our others senses, especially our sense of smell.

Smell: Fill your space with scented candles, (I just bought one that one that smells just like Coppertan! The beach is my happy place) or even essential oils.

Touch: Keep soft and cozy clothes and items around you that bring a sense of ease and comfort when you touch them.

Sound: Put on music that makes you want to get up and dance. No surprise for me, it’s the 80’s! –

These small efforts can be so helpful and rewarding to stay grounded in an ever-changing world.

3. JUST BREATHE. Find your breath in your body by simply “noticing “ where it is predominant- ie chest, nose, belly. No need to try to change your rhythm of breath, just sit or lay quietly for 5 minutes 3 times a day to quiet your mind-. Remember our body is ALWAYS present, it’s our mind that escapes us.

4. MOVE YOUR BODY. Working in the health & fitness industry for 20 + years- I am here to tell you there really are no right or wrong ways to workout- it’s just what works for you- but what I can tell you is when it feels good to your body and makes sense to your mind, your going to want to repeat it and naturally become more active. Being physical is just one simple way to offload anxiety, depression and release neural tension.

Controlling what we can is our best strategy for success. For fun workouts and recipes along with other mental health tools, my book The Right Fit Formula is now available on Amazon.

5. TAKE A CUE from The Budda himself and… put a half smile on your face before your feet hit the floor every morning. He says can shift our perspective for the day.

6. MEDITATE. As a mindfulness educator with UCLA for the last 15 years, I know the power of sitting and increasing self-awareness as well as making space to listen to ourselves. It’s life changing. So I share with you one of my favorite meditations ever. It reminds me that we are strong and resilient like a mountain. 

7. DANCE. Set up a dance zoom party with your friends. I just did this and I can’t begin to tell you how freeing it was to belly laugh and to just be silly! This is a time to connected with lightheartedness.

8. GIVE BACK. It always feels better to give than receive. Give your time, energy, guidance, compliments–it doesn’t have to be monetary.

9. EXPRESS GRATITUDE out loud. Tell yourself, strangers and anyone who will listen how grateful you are.

10. EAT WELL. Sugar and alcohol are depressants-and  believe me- I’ve had my fair share over the last few weeks but realized if I want to get through this in the best way I know how- (I do)! Not only do I have to refrain from these, we must stick to our previous routine as much as humanly possible. Oranges, spinach and ginger are great immunity boosters filled with iron, vitamin C and should be a part of our daily food intake!

Hope these help. Be good to yourself, trust this will end soon and remember we are all in this together. Please feel free to reach out for any content for your platforms.

For meditations, healthy recipes, fun workouts and nutrition, checkout my book The Right Fit Formula, now available on Amazon.

Plate Prepping 101

by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness, Lifestyle

“Meat and two sides” seems to be a concept that’s been around since cavemen days. (Mammoth steak with wild onions and a wheatgrass garnish? I can see that.) The fact is, it’s not a bad concept! Combining protein with carbohydrates and fat gives both quick energy and a sustaining sense of fullness. But before you tuck into that caveman-approved burger and fries, let’s check in with our 21st-century dietary needs.

What to eat:

Each person has different needs for carbs, protein, and fats. Athletes can tolerate (and need) more carbs and protein than nonathletes; active folks will need more calories than sedentary ones. Try the different combinations below, but honor your body’s feedback. You might feel bloated with too many carbs, or too lethargic with too much protein.

If you are an average person maintaining good health and good weight,
What you eat is 40/30/30. That’s 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat (with 10 percent or less saturated fat)

Your daily breakdown:

4 proteins—lean meat, fish, chicken, beans, nuts 5 fruits/vegetables
3–4 carbohydrates
3 fats

Your typical meals:

Breakfast: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 fat, 2 fruits/veggies Lunch: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 fat, 1 fruit/veggie Dinner: 2 proteins, 2 carbs, 2 fruits/veggies, 1 fat Snacks: Protein/fruit

If you are an active person maintaining good weight,
What you eat is 55/25/20; 55 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, 20 percent fat. Most

active people are able to consume more carbs without paying the weight price.

Your daily breakdown:

4 proteins
5 fruits/vegetables 5 carbohydrates
2 fats

Your typical meals:

Breakfast: 2 proteins, 2 carb, 2 fruits/veggies Lunch: 2 proteins, 2 carbs, 2 fruits/veggies Dinner: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 fruit/veggie, 1 fat Snack: protein, fruit/veggie

If you are Christine, your body and brain work a lot better on a high-protein diet, and carbs leave you feeling bloated and unsatisfied.

If you are you, pay attention to how your body operates best, and check the upcoming food plans for a lot more information about what to put on your plate.