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by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

Watermelon jerky Meat and veggie bar (yes, that’s literally it—delish!) Grab-and-go hummus Quinoa cups flavored with artichoke & roasted peppers, or mango & jalapeño (yummy!) Flavored oils: Olive, walnut, sesame Pro tip: Get a mini spray can, keep in your car and add it to pita, veggies, or anything else! Quinoa chocolate snacks Botanical chocolate:[…]

Balancing Your Plate

by Christine Lusita | | Easy Meals, Health + Fitness, Lifestyle

When it comes to putting meals together, I have just three words: Balance, balance, bal- ance. And I mean that literally: Three times a day, you’re going to balance your intake of carbs, proteins, fats, fruits, and veggies. Here’s why. Different types of foods have different effects on your blood sugar. Blood sugar instability is[…]

Portion Control!

by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

How much to eat: This gets interesting! It turns out that a serving of protein is not a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese or a Cracker Barrel buttermilk-fried half-chicken. WTF?! Here are some basic guidelines to help you navigate in this crazy diet centric world! Protein Servings: Red Meat: 3 ounces. Lean Turkey/Chicken 4-5 oz Dairy: 1⁄2[…]