The Five Stages of Change

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

Whether it’s about getting married, changing jobs, or losing weight, everyone goes through five stages of change, as identified by behavioral psychologist James Prochaska. Change starts with pre-contemplation, where you’re just kinda, sorta starting to think about making a move. And it ends with maintenance, where the change is now an estab- lished habit, part of your everyday life.


Stage 1: Pre-contemplation

Stage 2: Contemplation

Stage 3: Preparation
Stage 4: Action

Stage 5: Maintenance

It’s safe to say that many dieters want to go straight to Stage 5, where they envision them- selves happily eating salads and saluting admirers as they run on the beach. But while I can’t shortcut the stages for you, I can help you move through them with purpose and energy. So let’s jump in—because in my pool, the water is perfect for you.

This is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula