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Uncovering Your Right Fit ID

by Christine Lusita | | Inspiration

Have a Seat. We’re About to Get Very Well-Acquainted! NOW, OF COURSE I don’t know you. I can’t see what you look like, I don’t know your age or marital status, and I have no idea how much weight you’d like to lose. But I do know someone just like you. That person is in[…]


by Christine Lusita | | Inspiration

Just like so many of you, I had struggled with my weight for a majority of my life. I was completely misinformed about nutrition and by the time I was in my early 20’s, I was in a perpetual cycle of gaining and losing 30 pounds and neurotic about it! I had tried every radical[…]

Have Yourself a Better Time!

by Christine Lusita | | Inspiration

I mean that literally. Here are some final tips for building in habits that sneak more time into your schedule. Schedule your social media time. Give yourself two social media breaks a day, and make them short, please. Mine are two minutes at lunchtime and two minutes at the end of the day. I think[…]