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Strength Training: 1—Hoop it Up! Workout

by Christine Lusita | | Workouts

Prop: Hoop, weighing no more than 2 lbs. Sequence 1: Bodacious Arms Strengthens deltoids, core, lats and glutes, posture. Out and In *  Stand in demi-plié: heels together, toes apart, knees slightly bent. *  Hold hoop in front of your chest with hands at 9 and 3. Hands are slightly lower than shoulder height. *[…]

Cardio Workout 1: Tabata Sequence

by Christine Lusita | | Workouts

This 16-minute workout features 32 30-second exercise sequences. You’ll go through eight rounds of four different high-intensity moves; each round features 20 seconds of high-intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. (Sounds confusing, but it’s really not.) No mat, no props. It’s quick, efficient, and effective at getting your heart rate up and burning[…]

Treadmill Pyramid Interval Cardio Workout

by Christine Lusita | | Workouts

Treadmill Pyramid Intervals Duration: 30 minutes Prop: Treadmill with variable speeds and inclines. Tip: If you’re looking for quick + effective fat burning results do this workout 2-4 x per week! By alternating high and low-intensity intervals, this workout is designed for max results in minimum time. Adjust speed intensity as needed, but leave inclines[…]