How I Got Real

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

The story of how I got real and how I made those tough changes we all want to make in our lives. Especially with my diet and exercise.

I learned to be brutally honest with myself on what I will or won’t do, and I learned to set reasonable goals that inspired me without comparing myself to others. I learned to tackle that tough inner critic that derails all dieters on their weight loss journey. I learned to carve out time for myself without guilt and celebrate my accomplishments. I learned to prioritize and, above all, to value who I am as I am.

Today as a diet and fitness coach, I’ve spent the past 15 years teaching what took me so long to learn: To manage food and fitness, you first have to manage yourself.My goal is not to introduce yet another magic formula. My goal is to help you become your best self—your fittest, most balanced, and happiest self. And my goal is to make iteasy, to make your success a sprint instead of the marathon I’ve gone through, along with millions of other long-term dieters. In fact, my philosophy for success today can be summed up in four words: Do what feels good!

I’ve made the mistakes and learned from them. And because I know how hard it is to change, I realized there had to be a system to streamline this process. It can’t be this hard.