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Positive change happens organically.

by Brooke Goldstein | | Lifestyle

Most of us approach dieting as if jumping into an unheated pool: with gritted teeth and grim determination. It doesn’t really matter if we “know” it’s the right thing to do. All we know is that it doesn’t feel very good, and the bigger the dieting change we make, the less good it feels. Author[…]

How I Got Real

by Brooke Goldstein | | Lifestyle

For starters, I was five-foot-three, small-boned, curvy. (Even at 98 pounds, I knew Voguemagazine was never going to come looking for me.) I liked action. I liked control. I liked leading projects, running with my own ideas. (So why was I working as a secretary?) I was Italian. I loved food. I ate for holidays,[…]

The Clutter of Work

by Brooke Goldstein | | Lifestyle

I think we can all agree: work is stressful. But your workplace doesn’t have to be. With my clients, I see an inverse relationship between messiness and efficiency: the cleaner the space, the more work gets done. Plus, the more efficient they are, the more fit they are! Efficient people have time and energy for[…]