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Christine’s Fave Calming Techniques

by Christine Lusita | | Meditation

When the shite hits the fan, your blood rushes to your head and you need to find your footing, calming is key. Otherwise, you risk going off the rails and into the depths of Negativeville, where nothing good ever happens and nobody comes out alive. Here are some strategies to keep you centered and on[…]

Urgent vs. Important

by Christine Lusita | | Meditation

Ditch the distractions. While you’re doing your “musts,” do not peek at your email. Turn off Instagram, Twitter-feed pings, and Facebook announcements. And no phone. Yup, I said it. No phone. And yesss, you will survive. Block your time. Give yourself a solid, focused 30 to 60 minutes of undistracted work. Try these two tips[…]

Create Recovery Time

by Christine Lusita | | Meditation

Create recovery time. In yoga, every posture has a counterposture. For every forward fold, there’s a back bend. For every spinal twist in one direction, there’s a twist in another. And every session ends with the most important posture of all: savasana, or complete letting go. That can feel almost like a cheat for those[…]