Decisions, Decisions: Couch or Treadmill?

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

I’M THE FIRST TO ADMIT IT: I’m a high-energy person. But for years, I lived in a state of per- petual drain. My life was one have-to after another, and I couldn’t even brush my teeth without mentally running through my list. Sleep? Forget it. I spent my pillow time com- pletely in my head, strategizing about tomorrow.

Today’s lifestyles are excellent energy drainers. Facebook alone can suck you dry in no time. Add in a few annoying phone calls, an unfinished to-do list, a couple of grouchy kids, and a school board meeting—you’re fried and heading straight to the drive-thru!

Can you relate?

As a coach, I’ve found that energy is at the crux of all diet-and-exercise success or failure. You may have great intentions to go for that walk, prep your meal for the next day, or sign up for that workout class, but you’ll never get there when you spend too much energy on tasks that rattle you or that aren’t in line with your priorities. Well, the solution is not found in a can of Red Bull.

It’s found in balance.

You need to expend enough energy to feel strong and competent and in control, and you need enough restoration to feel serene and ready for action.

So in this chapter we’re going to take a closer look at what blocks your energy and gives you easy ways to renew it. Don’t settle for survival mentality, running on fumes while chasing your to-do list. Aim to thrive, to spend your energy on the things that feed your spirit. You’re worth it!