by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

Let’s face it: A robot would be great at a weight loss program! After all, what drives ordinary mortals to consume TV, wine, and Cheetos? It’sfeelings, of course. So if a bout of anger, boredom, or anxiety is pushing you toward the Hershey bars, try these quick fixes to put you back on track.

The feeling: Boredom
Leads to: Mindless perusals through the cabinets and fridge.
Quick fix: Find a project! Write a thank-you note, have a “job jar,” do a crossword. And if it’s really bad, you have permission to play on your phone!

The feeling: Anxiety
Leads to: A hookup with the candy drawer.
Quick fix: Soothe it! Go for a half-hour run, take a hot bath, meditate.

The feeling: Depression/Sadness
Leads to: Secret eating, overeating, or bingeing.
Quick fix: If it’s an ongoing mental health issue, get clarity. Seek a good therapist and work through it. If it’s the ordinary blahs, put on some music and move through it. Go for a walk/run. Or watch what a friend of mine calls “mindless shit” for a half-hour—some silly YouTube videos or an old sitcom. (I’m addicted to reruns of SATC and Friends.) Just do it without the ice cream!

The feeling: Anger
Leads to: Impulsive eating. (Watch Bette Davis in All About Eve try to resist a jar of chocolates when she’s fighting with her beau.)

This is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula