by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

Yep, everybody’s got a reason why positive change gets shoved to the bottom of the daily inbox. They say it’s because they don’t have time for that workout or that meal prep. I say it’s because they’re not making the best choices. See which excuses sound like your excuses, and then let’s talk.

The Leader says: My trainer couldn’t make it last month, and now I’m too booked up to fit him back in. Things are crazy at the office!

Christine responds: Don’t forget about your 15-pound goal by Christmas! And you know that when you exercise you’re more productive. Why don’t you walk on the treadmill while you’re reading the trades? Start there, and we’ll start working your trainer in during that time.

The Socializer says: You know I love exercising! And I’ll really miss it while I’m showing my cousins around town this week, but once they’re gone I’ll definitely—oh, wait, that’s when I’ve signed up to go to that music festival (yikes, better start booking a hotel). But after that, for sure.

Christine responds: I know you have an intention to sweat every day, so no problem! I’d be delighted to include your cousins in your workout time, and they’ll love that new coffee place down the street afterward. Be sure to wear your Fitbit at the music festival; dancing counts!

The Supporter says: Work out? Okay, as in when? My kids come first, the dog gets lonely, and that fancy gym is way too expensive. Besides, I run around all day and burn off plenty.

Christine responds: Since you walk the dog every morning right after dropping the kids at the bus, why don’t you take these weights with you? I’ll show you easy ways to make that walk more productive, and

you won’t lose a minute from your schedule. And let’s remember how “me” time is a priority for you. If you combine some errands today, you’ll buy 20 minutes to relax and meditate.

The Planner says: I was fully committed to going on that bike ride, but my bike shoes were muddy and I can’t record a ride log wearing street shoes, can I? So I did crosswords instead.

Christine responds: Remember that “done” is better than “perfect.” You’ve chosen to make your health a priority, and isn’t it better to end the day having accomplished your ride instead of your crossword?

What’s your excuse?