Express gratitude

by Christine Lusita | | Meditation

Expressing gratitude is how we check in and know that we are deeply okay. Believe me, that was a very uncomfortable practice at first for this New York girl, taught to detect every kind of rip-off and to believe the worst until shown otherwise. But as I started to treat myself better, I noticed things in the world I hadn’t seen before. I saw a smile from a stranger. I paid attention when a car let me go ahead. I’d take it in when a client said, “thank you.” The more I chose to support my best self, the better the world got.

So gratitude is now a conscious and daily ritual. I prefer to practice gratitude with my morning coffee; it helps energize me to reflect on what I enjoyed yesterday and what I’m already thankful for today. Others prefer a gratitude reflection at the close of the day. But what’s great about gratitude is that it’s always at hand, and it always works! Even in the middle of a hot, smoggy, Friday rush hour (especially at rush hour) I can be grateful for a great song on the radio, the memory of a friend’s visit, or that hike I’ll be doing tomorrow with my dog. And that’s the kind of feeling that keeps me from reaching for the ice cream when I get home.

This is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula