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Christine Lusita, CPT, CHC, Behavior Change Specialist, Nutritionist, Mindfulness Educator, PMA Pilates instructor.

All my life I’d been hearing about workouts and diets that were “supposed” to be good for me.

For years, I treated my body like an experiment I failed at daily. I hit the cardio equipment like a maniac, obsessed over Jane Fonda tapes, weighed food, drank shakes, ate pre-packaged meals, fasted, you name it. And then when I still didn’t look like Christy Turlington, I’d park my butt on the couch, get out the ham and cheese sandwiches and quit. Until I’d hear about the next get-thin-quick fad (and we all know there’s no shortage of those) and then start up again on “Monday.”

Each time I “failed,” I felt as if I was the problem. I knew something had to change, and it wasn’t about finding the next gimmick. It was about finding what worked for me. 

So I decided to get real about my body. I took a hard look at how I was treating it and decided to be brutally honest about what I would or wouldn’t do. I learned to set reasonable goals that inspired me without comparing myself to others. I learned to tackle that tough inner critic that derails all of us on our journey to live healthier and happier, I learned to carve out time for myself without guilt and celebrate my accomplishments. I learned to prioritize and above all, to value who I am as I am.


Which is how I came to my simple philosophy for success:

My philosophy for success is: Do what feels good.


The truth is this: If something doesn’t feel good--whether it’s a food plan, workout or new habit--you’ll never stick with it. But if it makes sense to your mind and feels good to your body, you’re golden. Success is a given, and then—what a feeling.

Today as a diet and fitness coach, I’ve spent the past 15 years teaching what took me so long to learn: To manage food and fitness, you first have to manage yourself. My goal is not to introduce yet another magic formula. My goal is to help you become your best self—your fittest, most balanced and happiest self. And my goal is to make it easy, to make your success a sprint instead of the marathon I’ve gone through, along with millions of other long-term dieters.

So join me in what I call my What a Feeling community. This is a group of inspired people who reach their goals and live their best lives by doing what works and feels good for them. In this community, we create our own paths to success, honoring our own unique personalities, choices and lifestyles every step of the way.

So my journey began through self preservation. I stopped trying to perfect my body and my diet. I discovered that behavior was something that we learned but could also change and that all success begins in our minds. I set out to build a healthy relationship to food by not counting calories and stayed consistent in my workouts without judgment, even in the times I just couldn't give a 100%. I always make a personal commitment to have FUN and rate my success on how good I feel and how much I enjoy my physical activities. I celebrate my body for what it can do. I discovered my best self through my most fit self. After realizing the power that movement has to change lives, I knew I had to share all of my unique strategies, techniques and core principles with others-

I love what I do.
I live in each of you.
Behind the What a Feeling Brand

For many years, it’s been my dream to help every woman feel good in her body and in her clothes. Here’s why.

As an active, curvy and petite person, buying athletic clothing was a nightmare. Low waistbands maximized my muffin top (who doesn’t love that?). Long pant legs bunched around my knees or caught on my sneakers. Every top made me look like either Daisy Mae or Pope Francis. Come on. Was everything designed to fit only tall supermodels?

I was exhausted emotionally and financially trying to find the right clothes. So I created my own! I wanted an all-inclusive athleisure wear that fit and flattered every woman--every curve, every inch (or lack thereof).

And…I wanted my clothes to be fun! Enough with the hide-it-all basic black. I’m an ‘80s gal. Off the shoulder tees, bodysuits cut up to there, retro modern--that’s my jam, and the What a Feeling line keeps that Cyndi Lauper and sexy Flashdance spirit alive while offering a clean and classic style. I blended super soft fabrics with wow colors and modern simplicity, to make every woman want to strut down the street. This collection is full of mix-and-match pieces that you can wear and love for years to come.

My What a Feeling athletic wear is designed not only to look and feel good, but to do good. A portion of every sale will go to one of your favorite charities!

Photo of Christine Lusita in relaxing workout clothing
Photo of Christine Lusita and her dog Lily


Fave food: Ham and cheese anything.
Current obsessions: My adorable boxer Lily, Impractical Jokers and of course anything 80s!
Fave song: What a Feeling
Fave way to sweat: Pilates, Dance fitness and running
Least fave workouts: Spin and Yoga
How I restore balance: Shopping at the farmers market, riding bikes on the beach with my hubby and practicing mindfulness

The best advice I can give you to sustain change or live healthy: Do what feels good!

You'll often hear me say there are no right or wrong workouts or diet plans it's just what works for you…