Self-Renewal: Have a feel-good list.

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

How do you renew and create balance in your life? Here’s a hint… Have FUN. Really, it’s that simple and great a “feel good” list. Keep in mind: your fun is your fun. It doesn’t have to be the trendy hiking spot or that movie everyone loves. Your fun is what makes you smile and makes you feel the world is smiling back. Here’s my go-to feel-good list! What makes you feel good?

Here’s my go-to feel-good list:

1) Running on the beach. I love being able to push myself harder without the distrac- tions of people and traffic. Running also helps me maintain a healthy weight, which is one of my life priorities.

2)  Watching Grease or Dirty Dancing. Guaranteed mood lifter.

3)  ’80s playlist. Dancing. Need I say more?

4)  Playing softball. Competitive enough for my Leader side and social enough for my Socializer side.

5) Shopping at the local farmer’s market. Yummy healthy food and flowers! I can nev- er have enough yellow roses.

6) Massage/day at the spa. Of course.

7) Walking Lily, my crazy-adorable boxer.

8) Binge watching Impractical Jokers. I’ve seen every episode at least 25 times, and I’ve totally got a crush on Sal!

9) Talking to my BFF Louise. I’m a talker, and she’s a great listener.
10) Jumping rope. An instant mood shifter and energy booster and goes great with a little Salt-N-Pepa!