So . . . who are you, anyway?

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

If you’ve ever taken a personality test, chances are it was the one developed by psychol- ogists William Moulton Marston and Walter Clarke. Their DiSC program is the gold standard in personality assessment, grouping people by four main categories: Dominant, Influential, Steady, or Conscientious.

It turns out those categories describe my own clients beautifully. In fact, in my many years of practice, I’ve identified these four types of weight loss clients:

The LEADER, the take-charge client who hates being told what to do but goes all-in when something clicks.

The SOCIALIZER, who rah-rahs every weight loss idea I throw at her but has just a teeny bit of trouble staying on track because, well, you only live once!

The SUPPORTER, the busy, pragmatic soccer mom who hates the idea of anything “trendy” and who says she’s running around all the time anyway and doesn’t that count?

The PLANNER, the disciplined thinker, who loves to discuss the benefits of metabolic conditioning but would rather walk 10 miles than take a Zumba class.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know each of these types intimately. I know that a Leader would never end up at the same workout as a Supporter (unless she’s leading it!) and that a Socializer will eat very differently than a Planner. Each encounter has helped me understand that nobody loses weight the same way, and that everybody needs a custom- ized food and fitness plan that speaks directly to their personalities. That food and fit- ness plan match is what you’re holding in your hands—because for the first time, a coach (that’s me!) is going to speak your language when it comes to helping you lose weight!

This is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula