Strength Training: 1—Hoop it Up! Workout

by Christine Lusita | | Workouts

Prop: Hoop, weighing no more than 2 lbs.

Sequence 1: Bodacious Arms

Strengthens deltoids, core, lats and glutes, posture.

Out and In

  • *  Stand in demi-plié: heels together, toes apart, knees slightly bent.
  • *  Hold hoop in front of your chest with hands at 9 and 3. Hands are slightly lower

    than shoulder height.

  • *  Keeping torso zipped, gently squeeze the sides of the hoop, engaging your pecs.
  • *  With a one-inch range of motion, push arms out straight, then bend elbows and

    pull back.

  • *  Push and pull for 30 seconds.

    Up and Down

  • *  With demi-plié and hands at 9 and 3, bend elbows softly.
  • *  Gently squeeze the hoop between the palms, lifting only the elbows.
  • *  Lift and lower for 30 seconds.

    One of Each

* Alternate Out and In and Up and Down for 30 seconds.Repeat sequence 3x.

Sequence 2: Adding Balance

Strengthens core, deltoids, balance, glutes.

  • *  Stand in demi-plié and hold hoop in front of chest at 9 and 3.
  • *  Tuck pelvis, round spine, and extend right leg behind and slightly to the right,

    right foot brushing floor.

  • *  Use core for balance as you move hoop through Out and In, Up and Down, and

    One of Each.

  • *  For added intensity, bend leg in and out while moving arms. Keep range of

    motion small and precise.

  • *  Repeat each variation 30 seconds.
  • *  Reset and repeat with opposite leg extended.

This workout is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula