Avocado and Beet Hummus Toast

by Christine Lusita | | Recipes

Roasted beets make this healthy dip extra flavorful. Serve with toast, pita chips or crudités.

-1 slice bread
-2 tbsp. beet hummus (below)1⁄8 avocado, sliced Microgreens
-1 tbsp. goat cheese
-1 chicken-apple sausage
-1 c. blackberries

Beet Hummus

-1 medium beet, cooked 10 oz. plain hummus

Layer toasted bread with beet hummus, avocado, microgreens, and goat cheese. Serve with breakfast sausage and blackberries.

For the Beet Hummus: Puree everything in blender.

This recipe is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula