Uncovering Your Right Fit ID

by Christine Lusita | | Inspiration

Have a Seat. We’re About to Get Very Well-Acquainted!

NOW, OF COURSE I don’t know you. I can’t see what you look like, I don’t know your age or marital status, and I have no idea how much weight you’d like to lose.

But I do know someone just like you.

That person is in these descriptions below. Take a look at the different personality types and see where you fit best. I’m sure you’ll see some of yourself in all these types (humans are pretty complex, after all), but one type will probably speak to you more than the oth- ers. That’s the personality description that will guide you to your Right Fit ID—the food and fitness plan that will fit you and you alone.


Knowing your personality is the first step to matching yourself to your optimal plan for losing weight and getting fit. From here, you can blaze a path to success that’s as unique and resilient as you are.

We’ll be talking much more about food and fitness matches throughout the book. But before we get there, let’s take your “readiness” pulse to find out how prepared you are to tackle a new food and fitness plan. The best time to try something new is at the peak of excitement. If you’re like me, the clarity you now have is a nice little turbo thrust to keep going. Stay with me, and you’ll end your journey with a customized weight loss plan. Diet freedom is only steps away!

This is an excerpt from The Right Fit Formula


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  1. How do I find out what type I am saw you on home and family. Thank you