Your Best Life (and Workout)

by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

I truly believe that the way you work out reflects the way you live. After all, you’re not just training your body. You’re training your attitude, your emotional flexibility, and your self-regard. All of that will serve you (or not!) in every aspect of your life.

So let’s help you do all of it at your best! Based on my decades of experience, I’ve worked out this prescription for what everyone needs for living (and working out) at his or her peak.

Here’s what I share with my clients:

RX No. 1: Do what feels good. Choose activities that are inspiring, energizing, and above all, enjoyable!

RX No. 2: When starting something new, set the bar low. If you’ve spent the last 20 years in a La-Z-Boy, you’re not exactly ready for American Ninja Warrior. But youcan walk on a treadmill, or around the block! When you start with something youknow you can do, you build confidence. Confidence gives you the motivation to keep pushing. Every marathon is done one step at a time.

RX No. 3: Schedule a daily and weekly time to work out. Three days a week is a good start, and if it’s scheduled, it’s likely to get done. Keep it nonnegotiable. Your doctor charges if you miss an appointment, so why should you respect your time any less? Besides, when you do activities that you enjoy, you’ll look forward to this time. Refer back to Chapter 5 if you get stuck on where to fit it in.

RX No. 4: But keep your mindset flexible. If you set out for your Pilates class but the studio’s closed, go home and do a livestream workout, or take the dog on an extralong walk. If you set out to run three miles but poop out after two, celebrate what you did. You won’t always be able to give 100 percent, and that’s okay. A flexible mindset promotes healthy change; a rigid mindset leads to defeat.