Your Favorite “F” Word: Food!

by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

Many of us hear it with the same enthusiasm as slug trail or nail fungus. And sure, I was one of them! Diet meant binge, forbid, and binge again. It meant abuse your body in the name of getting skinny. That messed me up in a big way.

But today I know this: dieting does not deserve a bad rap! The truth is, having a plan to lose weight is not only healthy, it’s sometimes medically necessary.

Let’s spend a minute reframing what “diet” really means.

1) Diets are meant to be temporary. Eating well is a lifetime pursuit, but actual dieting to lose weight is not a forever thing. So please don’t freak out about never having a tasty morsel again. That’s not how this works.

2) Diets lead to sustainable change. In real, nondieting life, there are no “bad” foods, no restrictions, no “cheat days.” A true weight loss plan mimics real life in that you alter the portions and emphasize modification and moderation. Nothing is forbid- den, and everything is adjustable!

3) Diets are about quality and quantity. You balance nutritious foods with portion con- trol and . . . that’s it! You lose weight.

4) D-I-E-T: Delicious Intuitive Eating That lasts.

And that’s what this chapter is all about. This is your Right Fit Formula for food. You really will discover a way of eating that you can live with until death do you part. And I know, because I’ve spent years as a weight loss expert, working with thousands of people exactly like you. So when I tell you the following, I mean it. We’re going to choose a way of eating in which you will:

1) Enjoy what you eat. For real.
2) Get to the weight that’s right for you. 3) Be able to stick with it for life.

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