Your Menu, Your Way

by Christine Lusita | | Lifestyle

I have a confession: Most diet plans trigger PTSD in me. When I read phrases like “1⁄4 tsp. low-fat cream cheese” or “six baby carrots,” I’m suddenly 20 years old again, freaking out because my mother bought low-fat milk instead of skim. Sorry, but I don’t do rigidity any- more. Rigidity keeps me stuck in the land of Binge-Forbid-Binge, and I know it does for you, too! These days, freedom and choice are what keep me and you sane and healthy!

But I also know this: every one of my weight loss clients has said to me: Tell me what to eat. Plain and simple, they’re afraid, and I can’t blame them. When your default food choic- es come in Hamburger Helper boxes and McDonald’s take-out bags, you’re not the most confident planner of healthy menus. Not yet, anyway. So yes, I can tell you what to eat. I can help you plan menus—healthy weight loss menus—that will suit your tastes, lifestyle, and per- sonality. Don’t think of me as the Portion Police, ordering you to eat 1⁄8 of an avocado or else.Think of me as your Portion Cheerleader, urging on you lots of flexibility and choices for a healthy-eating lifestyle.

P.S. Some personality types prefer more guidance than others. Planners like their measur- ing cups, Leaders don’t! So while each of my food plans is similar in nutrition, balance, and calories, they’re all a little different in terms of options and portion suggestions. Find the one that is your Right Fit, and enjoy!