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Your Best Life (and Workout)

by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

I truly believe that the way you work out reflects the way you live. After all, you’re not just training your body. You’re training your attitude, your emotional flexibility, and your self-regard. All of that will serve you (or not!) in every aspect of your life. So let’s help you do all of it at[…]


by Christine Lusita | | Health + Fitness

Yep, everybody’s got a reason why positive change gets shoved to the bottom of the daily inbox. They say it’s because they don’t have time for that workout or that meal prep. I say it’s because they’re not making the best choices. See which excuses sound like your excuses, and then let’s talk. The Leader[…]

Tuna Sandwich

Quick + Guiltless Tuna Sandwich

by Christine Lusita | | Easy Meals, Health + Fitness, Recipes

If you grew up eating sandwiches, (I did) and you’re not ready to give them up—(You shouldn’t) you know how delicious they can be- but sometimes high in calories and fat… but not this one… This is a simple and oh so tasty recipe below low in calories and saturated fat. Enjoy! Please comment below[…]